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Aramis Ramirez Looks to Produce for the Milwaukee Brewers

March 7th, 2012 at 12:56 PM
By Chris Kaminski

The Milwaukee Brewers new cleanup hitter doesn't want to hear how he is going to replace the production of the Brewers last cleanup hitter. Aramis Ramirez realizes that trying to replace Prince Fielder's production is just going to set him up for failure. You could probably count the number of hitters in the major leagues that can put up the kind of numbers Fielder is capable of one one hand. Being the veteran that Ramirez is he realizes if he just plays his game and stays healthy his production will be solid at the end of the year. He just wants to do his job and help the Brewers win.

One of the main reasons the Brewers signed Ramirez during the offseason is that Ramirez showed he wanted to be a Brewer. He loves Miller Park and he connected with manager Ron Roenicke when they talked at the winter meetings. He has also battled the Brewers countless times through the years as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs. Ramirez recently spoke about some of the reasons he wanted to join the Brewers;

They're all great guys. They all embrace me well. They have fun playing the game. You can tell they have fun. A lot of it has to do that they've been together a lot. They came up through the minors together. They've got some veterans but they're also real young. They have fun, that's the main thing. It's a great place to play. Domed stadium, no rain delays. Wind is not a factor like it was at Wrigley. It doesn't matter if the wind blows in or blows out. It's just perfect conditions to play baseball. And anytime you get a domed stadium, it's a good place to hit.

Ramirez is certain to hit as that has been a strength of his since he broke in at 19 years of age with the Pirates. He won't wow you with his glove work but that wasn't the strength of former Brewer third baseman Casey McGehee. The question is how will the veteran Ramirez fit into a Brewer clubhouse that has lost veterans Fielder, Mark Kotsay, Craig Counsell and LaTroy Hawkins from last years Central Division winning team. During Ramirez's time in Chicago he was accused of being aloof with the fans, the media and teammates. Only time will tell how Ramirez interacts with his new teammates. But for now Roenicke likes what he sees;

I know there were some negative things that were said in Chicago, but I haven't seen any of them. He's been great. He gets along with the guys well. He's been very professional about his job. What I see from him defensively is good. We know he can hit. Everything has been real good.

For Ramirez's part he would rather just do his job and let his play on the field for his new team do all the talking.

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