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Milwaukee Brewers Agree to Terms with Manny Parra

January 12th, 2012 at 8:59 PM
By Stephen Rispalje

With the offseason in full swing and the Brewers having finished much of their important tasks the Brewers must move on to the arbitration eligible players.  And the Brewers have so far finished three players with just five left to agree to.  The took care of Carlos Gomez on Tuesday, and they resolved Manny Parra this morning.  But the Parra deal is kind of shocking.  

The Brewers agreed to terms with Manny for a one year deal, and according to a source close to the negotiations he will be paid the same salary in 2012.  By resigning Parra the Brewers again will have two left handed relievers, which they needed badly last season.  
In 2011 the Brewers carried an all right handed bullpen that may have led to their problems in the postseason and at times in the regular season.  

By offering him arbitration the Brewers must believe he can contribute to the team in 2012.  Parra missed all of the 2011 season after having back issues and later having surgery to remove a bone spur  from his elbow.  And he was successful after moving to the bullpen in 2010.  So it will remain to be seen what will come of that.  There appears to be a real possibility for a successful return.  

Manny is the third Brewer to avoid arbitration.  And he will be eligible again next season since he was going through it for just the second time in his young MLB career.  The Brewers have five more players to work on.  Those players are Kameron Loe, Shaun Marcum,Nyjer Morgan, Jose Veras and Francisco Rodriguez.  But Rodriguez is a special case because he was a free agent who decided to accept arbitration.  He will likely command a large contract.  The Brewers will have to decide if he is worth the money or if they should trade him for other pieces that might be open.  Possibly a first baseman or a more affordable relief option.  

Teams have until Jan 18 to agree to terms before arbitration starts to kick in.  Most arbitration hearings are held in February.  And likely in New York

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