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Toronto Blue Jays top Milwaukee Brewers 4-3

Brewers waste late opportunities to lose second straight

The Milwaukee Brewers are using their bullpen at a near-historic rate

If things keep up like this, the Brewers will have one of the most oft-used bullpens of all-time.

Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays @ Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers and Jays finish their four-game home-and-home series a month after they started it

Milwaukee Brewers 2017 MLB Draft Preview: High School Pitchers

A look at potential Brewers prospects.

Trent Clark ranked as top trade chip for Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have a surplus of outfield depth in the minors.

Milwaukee Brewers Daily Prospect Report: Monday, May 22

Scores and notes from the Brewers' minor league affiliates.

What We Learned: A win, a loss, and a lot of rain

It was a rainy weekend that led to a split for the Brewers. We discuss that and more in today's What We Learned.

What if the Brewers are still contending by the All-Star Break?

The Milwaukee Brewers are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. What should they do if that is still the case come the All-Star Break?

Milwaukee Brewers Daily Prospect Report: Sunday, May 21

Scores and notes from the Brewers' minor league affiliates.

Cubs decide to play despite clouds, beat Brewers 13-6

Chicago looked well rested after the unexpected off day, to say the least


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