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Sunday Sundries: Milwaukee Brewers week 3 in review

A week that started with such promise...

Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Roundup: Week 2

We'll be taking a look at the batting and hitting leaders by affiliate every Sunday of the regular season.

Milwaukee Brewers Daily Prospect Report: Saturday, April 22

Scores and notes from the Brewers' minor league affiliates.

Mistakes highlight Milwaukee Brewers 4-1 loss to Cardinals

Several mistakes, both on defense and offense, allowed the Cardinals to take this one.

Milwaukee Brewers Daily Prospect Report: Friday, April 21

Scores and notes from the Brewers' minor league affiliates.

Milwaukee Brewers: Jacob Barnes Taking Charge

Is the success of Milwaukee Brewers reliever Jacob Barnes a sign of bigger things to come? The team at Reviewing the Brew looks at his results in April.

Brewers continue home run binge in 7-5 win over Cardinals

Travis Shaw will not be running unopposed in the race for Mayor of Ding Dong City

Milwaukee Brewers: Eric Thames – Behind The Numbers

Eric Thames is off to a truly epic start for the Milwaukee Brewers, but what do the advanced metrics say? Are they as crazy as his 'baseball card' stats?

What We Learned: On the wrong end of two rallies

The Brewers lost on back-to-back days from rallies by the Cubs. We discuss that and more in today's What We Learned.

Milwaukee Brewers: 5 Ways to Help Jonathan Villar Hit Again

Jonathan Villar is a dynamic player that was a huge bright spot for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2016, but he needs some help at the plate this year.


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